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Glitch in the Matrix/Creepy Encounter

sixpenceee! i hope you notice this post!

when i was in grade school i lived in an old 2-storey house, one night i decided to go downstairs (i forgot why but i think i just want to check up on my grandma who stays up at night to watch old series) so when i was almost halfway through the stairs i crouched down and saw that my grandma was sitting in the sofa with the t.v. on and she beckoned me to come down, so i got really excited cause she would let me stay up with her. i rushed to my room to get my blanket and pillow then i went down right away (about less than a minute) but when i got there she was gone and the t.v. was off but i didn’t notice or hear her go up and how could she come up in less than a minute? she wasn’t that old but she walks slowly and has a hard time coming up the stairs.

i hope you can give me and explanation :-) i’m not sure if its a doppleganger or what